I’m New Here

First time? We’re delighted you’ve chosen to be our guest today. Here’s what we hope you find:

A Warm Welcome

When you attend Clear River for the first time, you will be met with a warm smile and a friendly handshake. We want to get to know you, but we don’t want to crowd your space. You can set the pace. We’ll provide you with a card to fill out letting us know what you’re comfortable with. Choose anything from an email update, to prayer, to children’s ministry info, or even a cup of coffee (or tea) with our pastor. We are here to welcome you, to meet with you, and to pray for you, but we want you to be comfortable. So come as you are! We’re  just so glad you’re here.

Excellent Child Care

You may wonder or even worry if your kids will be able to sit through the service. We understand, and we want your kids to enjoy Clear River as much as you will. To meet your needs, we provide childcare every Sunday for children from infancy through fifth grade. Each class has age appropriate toys, lessons, crafts, and prayer to meet your children where they are and to teach them the gospel. We believe no child is to young to experience the love of God or to understand the gospel. For those of you with older kids, we also have a Jr. and Sr. High youth group that joins the adults for worship, and meets for their own bible study during the message.

God Exalting Worship

We strive for a corporate worship service that engages the heart, mind, and spirit. Worship is our response to God, both  personally and corporately, for who He is, what He has done, and what He is doing. Corporate worship is important not only because it is commanded in scripture, but also because we are meant to live in community. When we gather together to worship, we not only minister to God, we minister to each other as we proclaim the truths of the gospel together. This kind of worship includes song, prayer, biblical teaching, and communion.

Biblical Preaching

Clear River is devoted to teaching Scriptures and upholding it’s authority as the written Word of God. Because we take the Bible so seriously, we make a point to center each message around scripture rather than centering the scripture around our message. Of course, we don’t want to leave you empty handed, our teaching also holds practical applications and encouragement, through a teaching style that goes verse by verse, showing you the importance and purpose of each passage.

The Old and the New

Christianity has a long history of believers that have shaped the church and died for their devotion. We want to honor that while looking forward to the future of the Church and responding to the move of the Holy Spirit. As a result we have a style that reflects both the past, the present, and the future. The use of historic creeds, the Lord’s prayer, and the passing of the peace are all gleaned from church history as they have been passed down through the centuries. At the same time, we also embrace contemporary worship, the arts, multi-media elements, and a casual atmosphere.


You may wonder what communion is all about. Communion is both a form of worship and an act of remembrance by which we proclaim the gospel. By taking a piece of bread and dipping it in the cup, we remember that Christ died for us in order to take away our sins. Jesus said that as often as we participate in communion, we are to do it in remembrance  of Him. It is a faith enriched symbol through which we look to Christ for fresh spiritual nourishment.

Coffee and Conversation

So! You’ve been welcomed in to our church, you’ve engaged in worship, been challenged and encouraged through Biblical teaching, and participated in communion. All that remains is to grab some coffee and a doughnut, while you meet new friends, talk about the service, or make plans for lunch. You can also take a moment to say hello to the pastor and his wife who will be available to personally greet and welcome you.