Messenger Fellowship

At Clear River Community Church we are communicating the gospel with everyone we can.


Our Pastor, Jeff Ling, is ordained through Messenger Fellowship, a tribe of church leaders, marketplace leaders, and churches that are committed to the glory of God, seeing reformation in the church and transformation in the nations.

As a result, Clear River Community Church, as a fellowship, is a Messenger Fellowship church. Relation-based and values-driven, Messenger Fellowship convenes leaders for the purpose of worship, hearing from God, building friendships, coaching leaders through relationships and resources, and pointing leaders towards strategic ministry partnering.

Messenger Fellowship distinguishes ten core values:

The Lordship of Christ
The Glory of God
The Local Church
A Theology of Grace
Unity in the Midst of Diversity
Servant Leadership
The Primacy of Worship and Prayer
A Relational Community of Leaders
Commitment to Reformation, Renewal and Revival
The Completion of the Great Commission

Messenger Fellowship has a passion for being rooted both in the lordship of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Spirit. This group of church and ministry leaders are honoring Godly traditions and staying in step with the Spirit without being carried away by trends. They pursue God’s presence while aligning to God’s ways and embrace unity while celebrating diversity.
For more information and further details about Messenger Fellowship, click here.