Pastor Jeff Ling

Pastor Jeff Ling

jeff speaking 2Jeff Ling, Pastor of Clear River, has served the body of Christ for over 40 years. Jeff has a pastor’s heart and his teaching ministry is dynamic, humorous,  practical and solidly rooted in the Scriptures.  He has ministered throughout the world focusing on worship, servant leadership, and spiritual growth. One of the comments he has enjoyed hearing the most from people is “You’re real! I can relate to you.”

Jeff and his wife Zibby bring to people a compassionate understanding of the genuine ups and downs of life. Their desire is to see others experience the freedom that comes from living in God’s presence, knowing His grace and walking in simple obedience to Him. To be part of their ministry is to feel that you’ve been with friends rather than “experts”.

Jeff is ordained under the ministry of Messenger Fellowship, based in Nashville, Tennessee.

” Messenger Fellowship is a community of leaders who have a passion for the radical middle – being rooted both in the Lordship of Jesus Christ and in the power of the Spirit. Honoring godly traditions and staying in step with the Spirit while not being carried away by trends. Pursuing God’s presence while aligning to God’s ways.” (From the Messenger Website)

Jeff has aligned with Messenger Fellowship because that paragraph is at the heart of who he is.

Jeff and Zibby, have three children, Matthew, Andrew, and Jennifer. Matthew and his wife Heidi live in Richmond with their three children: Beckett, Tanna, and Teegan. Andrew is working as a personal trainer in Richmond and loves his buddy “Gunner”. Jennifer and her husband Aaron also live in Richmond with their little boy Eli. (Nora Jane is on the way!)  Zibby is the office manager for a small law firm in Old Town Manassas. She is also a part of the Clear River leadership team that overseas the Women’s and Hospitality ministries.

Jeff is assisted in the leadership of Clear River by four other couples. Together they form the elders of Clear River and are called the Design Team. Along with Jeff and Zibby, they provide direction and pastoral oversight for the church.
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