What’s Your Plan for 2017

A Plan to Read:

This is from Ligonier Ministry’s website. Please follow the link for a host of different plans you may want to adopt. The one Pastor Jeff is using for 2017 is below.

5 Day Bible Reading Program

Read through the Bible in a year, with readings five days a week.

Duration: One Year | Download: PDF

Reading the Scriptures in a year can be a challenging thing for many. Here’s a plan we suggest that takes you through the Old Testament once and the New Testament twice in 3 years.

Consider Table Talk Magazine

A Plan to Pray

1) Here’s a great list of articles from Desiring God on prayer. Use these for encouragement, motivation and instruction.

2) Simple! Use the Lord’s Prayer as a guide.

3) Psalms of the Day

A great way to fuel your prayer life and engage with God’s Word! Download the PDF

4) A Prayer Chart

Here’s a very clear and easy to use daily chart that will keep your daily prayer fresh and on track. This comes from the Prayer Coach.   Download the PDF

A Plan to Meditate

Two words: Fighter Verses

Here’s a bookmark with the 2017 Verses listed and a guide for memorization.

A Plan to Share

Truth with each other. Eph. 4:14-16

The Gospel Col. 4:2-6

We promote the gospel sharing tool known as Two Ways to Live

2W2L Tracts

2W2L Tracts for Kids

Here’s a link to the basic presentation.

A 2W2L Bible Study

A 2W2L Training Course

2W2L Video Presentation

2W2L PowerPoint Presentation


How To Enjoy Devotions

Nine-Minute Devotional Plan Here is a simple pattern for daily prayer in 9 minutes.

1. Ponder His Word – Think about His word & works (3 Minutes)
a. Read and think about some Scripture (Where? Try Psalms of the Day)
b. Meditate on his word, work, worth. (Fighter Verses!)
c. Journal your thoughts to God (Write him a letter)

2. Praise His Worth – it is action, it is done, not thought (3 Minutes)
a. Sing to the Lord – Sing & Rejoice in the Lord
b. Exalt His name – tell of his excellent greatness
c. Give Thanks – List it. Say it. Tell it. Share it.

3. Petition His Will – Get to it, let words be few (3 Minutes)
a. Confess your faults, sins, temptations, weaknesses.
b. Tell God your troubles, worries, fears, frustrations, temptations.
c. Ask specific things of God, believe God for excellent answers.

Helpful Hints For Enjoying Prayer
Practice Quiet – Be Still – quiet time (closet, close the door)
3-Minute Timer – don’t stall or get distracted. Keep focused
Journal – your thoughts as a prayer – Dear Lord today…
Meditate – Fighter Verses!
Plan – have a plan. Failure to plan is a plan to fail.
Schedule – schedule God! Is he in your daily planner?